​Hosting Bees

Butler Bees will supply and manage honey bees for homeowners, schools, community gardens, restaurants, and parks in the Wichita area.

  • Two to four honey bee hives on your property.
  • Butler Bees will place, tend, and maintain the hives throughout the year.
  • Pollinaion for your garden (and neighborhood) for an entire year.
  • Five pounds of honey per hive, delivered in fall. We separate harvests by location, so you will be receiving the most local honey to you.
  • Informal education oportunity from an experienced beekeeper, and being able to observe honey bees work evey day in your own yard.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you're part of a solution by taking direct action that benefits your yard, your neighbor's yards and helps grow the poulation of honeybees in the city.

Rates per year:

Have you ever wanted bee hives in your yard but don't have the time or even the desire to care for them?  Do you want to be part of the solution to help the plants and wildlife in your yard and neighborhood?  If you want to help pollinate the neighborhood but are not sure if beekeeping on your own is right for you, why not a participant in the Hive Hosting Program.

Bee & Swarm Removal
  • For two hives: $500
  • For three hives $675
  • For four hives $900

Butler Bees 

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What You Get: